Welcome to St. Nick’s Sunday 17th March, Lent 5

Beloved congregation,

As we journey through the season of Lent, we find ourselves at the fifth Sunday, a time of deep reflection and spiritual growth. This period invites us to delve deeper into the core of our faith, examining our lives through the lens of the Lenten readings. These scriptures guide us in contemplating the sacrifice of Christ and the profound lessons of faith, repentance, and renewal.

This Lenten season also brings us to the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, a day that honors the patron saint of Ireland, known for his missionary work and dedication to spreading the Gospel. Saint Patrick’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith and the importance of spreading God’s love beyond the confines of our immediate surroundings.
Today, the message of Saint Patrick and the teachings from our Lent 5 readings converge to remind us of our calling. We are encouraged to be bearers of faith, hope, and love, reaching out to others with the same fervor and passion as Saint Patrick. As we commemorate his life and work, let us also reflect on our own paths of faith, considering how we can be instruments of God’s peace and love in a world that greatly needs it.
May this time of Lent and the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day inspire us to live out our faith more boldly, embracing our call to serve and love as Christ did.
In faith and solidarity,


Revd Dr Augustine Tanner-Ihm, OMS

Lead Minister, St Nicks Kingsway

Sunday 17th March
We look forward to welcoming Rev Philip Dobson to  preside and preach at our Eucharist service on  Sunday 17th March as we move through our lenten journey.  Music will be provided by our assistant organist Elizabeth Bray, readings and prayers St.Nick’s Kingsway team.