Welcome to St. Nick’s on Sunday 7th April 2024

Dear beloved flock of St. Nick’s,

As we roll away the stone from our Easter celebrations, I hope this message finds you basking in the glory of our Risen Lord (and perhaps recovering from the feast-induced coma of Easter Sunday).

This Easter Monday, I’m reminded of a saying that might well have amused St. Augustine himself: “The Lord is risen indeed; now let’s see if we can too!” As we navigate the chocolate wrappers and the aftermath of our joyful celebrations, let’s not forget the profound journey we’ve embarked on this Lent and Easter season.

Indeed, Easter is not just a day but a way of life. It’s about living in the resurrection power every day, which means sometimes facing our own ‘Monday mornings’ with faith and a bit of humour. So, as we step into the routine of our lives, let’s carry the Easter message in our hearts and maybe a little in our step. After all, a Christian is one who’s in the world but not of it—much like coffee in a chocolate Easter egg, unexpectedly delightful and mysteriously profound.

May your Easter Monday (and every day thereafter) be filled with the joy of Christ’s love, the peace of His presence, and the hopeful anticipation of His coming kingdom.

Yours in the resurrected life,

Sunday 7th April 
We look forward to welcoming our lead minister Dr. K. Augustine Tanner-Ihm  to preside and preach. Music will be provided by our MD and Organist, Ollie Mills, with readings and prayers from St.Nick’s Kingsway team.