Welcome to St. Nicks for Trinity 2 (Sunday 9th June)

Dear Friends,

Some thoughts on this week’s gospel reading from Mark 3. 20 -35.

The gospel reading comments on the huge distances travelled by Jesus’ family to connect with others. It feels relevant to relate travelling to the events of D-Day, with thousands of our armed forces from all over the world, crossing the channel to fight in Normandy. 

It seems quite uncharacteristic that after his entire family had trekked 91 miles to see him Jesus didn’t as much as invite them in for the equivalent of a cuppa. However misguided their aims it was done from love so there must have been something more important going on. It was only when we consider that a better translation for the ‘unforgivable sin’ was ‘the sin with eternal consequences’ that you realise how much hung on this moment when both the top religious authorities from Jerusalem and his own family were attempting to stop the ministry of Jesus. It throws up the old conflict between freewill and destiny but offers no clear answer except the importance of following God’s will.

Alison Mills
ALM and Churchwarden   

A prayer for the 80th Commemoration of D Day

God our refuge and strength,
as we remember those
who faced danger and death in Normandy,
eighty years ago,
grant us courage to pursue what is right,
the will to work with others,
and strength to overcome tyranny and oppression,
through Jesus Christ,
to whom belong dominion and glory,
now and for ever.


 Sunday 9th June, Trinity 2 and Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of D-Day 
Our service will be led by Alison Mills our ALM and the worship group. Music will be provided by our MD and Organist, Ollie Mills,