Welcome to St. Nicks for Easter 3, Sunday 14th April 2024

Dear St. Nick’s Kingsway Church Family,

As we navigate the serene and reflective season of Eastertide, I hope this message finds you enveloped in the warmth of Christ’s undying love and profound peace.

I write to you today not only as your Lead Minister but as a fellow pilgrim on this journey of faith, hope, and love.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) Reminder. Firstly, I wish to remind you of the upcoming Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), scheduled for next Sunday after Church. This gathering marks a pivotal moment in our church’s life, providing us all with an opportunity to reflect on the past year, discern our future directions, and engage with the heart of our mission and ministry. Your voice and presence are invaluable as we come together to shape the path that lies ahead.

Reflections on Eastertide – Luke 24.36b-48As we continue to bask in the light of the Resurrection, our reflections on the Eastertide scriptures, particularly Luke 24.36b-48, invite us into a deeper understanding of Christ’s peace and the call to be witnesses of His love. In these moments when Jesus reveals Himself to His disciples, He offers peace and opens their minds to understand the scriptures. In a world rife with challenges and uncertainties, this message of peace and understanding is more relevant than ever. Let us, therefore, carry this peace into our lives and communities, bearing witness to the transformative power of Christ’s love and resurrection.

Current Events – A Reflection In the spirit of understanding and peace, it’s crucial we also turn our thoughts to current events around the world and closer to home in Manchester. Our global family faces myriad challenges—from conflicts and humanitarian crises to environmental concerns and the ongoing journey through the cost of living situation. Yet, amidst these trials, there are countless stories of resilience, hope, and communal support. 

In Manchester, we’ve seen our community come together in extraordinary ways, embodying the spirit of mutual aid and compassion. From supporting local food banks and community initiatives to engaging in environmental sustainability projects, the heart of Manchester continues to beat strongly with love and solidarity. 

A Call to Prayer and Action: As we move forward, let us hold these realities in our hearts and prayers, seeking guidance on how we might be instruments of God’s peace in a fractured world. Whether through our actions within our local community or our prayers for the world, let us respond to the call to be witnesses of His love and bearers of His peace.In closing, I eagerly anticipate our gathering at the APCM next Sunday, where we will come together in fellowship, prayer, and discernment. 

Until then, may you walk in the light of Christ’s love, reflecting His peace in every step.

For the People of Burnage and East Didsbury, 


Sunday 14th April 
We look forward to welcoming our lead minister Dr. K. Augustine Tanner-Ihm  to preside and preach. Music will be provided by our MD and Organist, Ollie Mills, with readings and prayers from St.Nick’s Kingsway team.