Welcome to our St. Nicholas for Sunday 22nd October (Trinity 20)

Dear Friends,

A brief word about our Gospel reading. Jewish leaders seek to entrap Jesus with a question about allegiance to the emperor and to God. Jesus counters with a carefully worded answer: give to each what they are due. The leaders are amazed at his teaching and leave him alone – for now.

Religious leaders pose challenging questions to Jesus, testing his position to civil and Jewish Law. Jesus’ response to those leaders challenges us about our responses to giving and stewardship as we explore what it means to be a child of God.(copyright @roots) 

All those involved in the terrible atrocities in Israel and Gaza, are children of God, faith leaders from across the world are urging us to pray for those involved in the attacks. 

The Rt Revd Prof David Walker, Bishop of Manchester published this statement on 9th October:

“The horrific scenes broadcast over the weekend, following the Hamas attacks, must grieve us all. To us in Manchester, only six years on from the terrorist atrocity at the Arena, the scenes of carnage wreaked among those attending a music festival are particularly heart-rending. Many of those whose lives have been taken, or who have been maimed or taken hostage over these dreadful days, will be known to people here in Manchester, some may be our family members and friends.

“Our prayers are with all those plunged into grief or fear today. As in May 2017, this is a time to draw together in the face of atrocity, to unite against those who would divide us, and to model in Manchester the love that transcends our diverse histories and heritage.”

This statement was endorsed by Greater Manchester Faith Community Leaders:

With love and prayers,

Our service on Sunday 22nd October begins at 10.30 am. We look forward to welcoming Rev Dr. K.Augustine-Ihm to preside and preach. Our organist and MD, Ollie Mills will accompany the hymns and lead the singing. Here are details of the readings and hymns for the service: