The Symbolism of the Altar Cross

Individual parishioners and visitors to St. Nicholas react in different ways to the cross over the altar. Some find it very much in keeping with the Art Deco design of the church whilst others would prefer a more traditional cross.

The new Cross which was made for the restoration of the church, completed in 2002. Anthony Grimshaw, the architect of the new cross incorporated a great deal of Christian symbolism in his design.

  •  The large circle symbolizes eternity and its origins can be traced to the Celtic culture of the British Isles.
  •  The elongated vertical lower part of the cross is the oldest form of Christian Cross and was called God’s mark.
  •  The small brass disc represents the Host.
  •  The three-part brass ends to the arms of the cross represent the trinity, twelve in number representing the Apostles.

The sizes and colour  of the metal sections matches the Lady Chapel screen which can be seen beyond the sanctuary wall.

The cross was made by Alan Dawson.