Sunday 2nd April

Dear Friends,
Please join us on Sunday 2nd April for our Palm Sunday Service. We look forward to welcoming Rev. Jan Ainsworth from Holy Innocents, Fallowfield, to lead our worship.

Our service will take place in Church at 10.30 am. 

Readings and intercessions from the St. Nick’s team. Our organist and MD, Ollie Mills will play music for the service. 

ReadingsPageReadersHymn NumberHYMN
O.T Molly Popplewell, Tony Witty,
Rev Jan Ainsworth
11All Glory Laud & Honour
 516Thou didst leave thy throne
N.T 148From Heaven You Came
 329Make Way, Make Way, for Christ the King
The Passion Gospel   Nothing can trouble (Nada te turbe) Chant
 435Ride On, Ride on in Majesty

As we are worshipping in Church this Sunday, we will be offering a live broadcast of the service You can access the service via our church website: