Sunday 28th May 2023 (Pentecost)

Welcome to St. Nicholas Church for Pentecost Sunday 28th May.

The first reading for Sunday from Acts 2, informs us that on the day of Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples experience being filled dramatically with God’s Holy Spirit – the culmination of many centuries of waiting for the fulfilment of God’s promise. When the Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost, the international community gathered in Jerusalem to hear their own language spoken. They are included in the message of Christ which, from here on, is set to go global. (copyright:@Roots) 

ReadingsPageReadersHymn NumberHymn
O.T249Light of the World
Acts 2:1-21Grace ManleyGloria in Excelsis
N.T253Beauty for Brokeness
1 Corinthians 12:3b-13Philip Popplewell380O Lord my God, how great though art
Gospel254Holy, Holy, Holy (Taizé chant)
John 7:37-39Margaret Vessey571You shall go out with joy

Our service on Sunday morning begins at 10.30 am. We look forward to welcoming Rev Augustine Ihm to preside, our organist and MD, Ollie Mills, will accompany the hymns and lead the music.