Mothering Sunday – 10th March 2024

Dear beloved members of St Nick’s Kingsway,

As we draw closer to the celebration of Mothering Sunday this weekend, it’s a poignant time to reflect on the rich tapestry of love, care, and nurturing that women provide in our lives. Mothering Sunday, historically rooted in the 16th century, began as a day when the faithful would return to their “mother church”—the main church or cathedral in their area. This tradition quickly intertwined with the honoring of our earthly mothers, recognizing their indispensable role in our families and communities.

In this spirit, Mothering Sunday has evolved to celebrate not just biological mothers but all women who have been influential in shaping our lives. It’s a day to acknowledge the strength, wisdom, and compassion bestowed upon us by women in various capacities: mentors, teachers, spiritual guides, and friends. Their impact is immeasurable and their love boundless.
As we come together this Sunday, let us use this opportunity to express our gratitude and love for the women who have nurtured us. Let us also remember the divine example of care and unconditional love that Jesus showed to all, calling us to extend that same love and support to every woman in our life.
May this Mothering Sunday be a reflection of our appreciation for the nurturing spirit present within our community, as we celebrate the remarkable women among us.
Yours in Christ,

Revd Dr Augustine Tanner-Ihm, OMS

Lead Minister, St Nicks Kingsway

Sunday 10th March
We look forward to welcoming our Lead Minister Rev Dr Augustine Tanner-Ihm to preside and preach at our Eucharist service on  Sunday 10th March as we move through our lenten journey to Mothering Sunday. Music will be provided by our MD and Organist, Ollie Mills, readings and prayers, St.Nick’s team. Everyone is welcome!  Here are the readings and hymns: