Mallory On The Mountain

Join us Saturday 30th October for an exclusive first public showcase of Ollie Mills’ new stage musical ‘Mallory On The Mountain.’ 

“Mallory On The Mountain recounts the tale of British climber George Mallory and his fight to be the first to conquer Mount Everest, before his mysterious disappearance on a summit attempt in 1924. As he and Sandy Irvine make their final ascent, and his wife Ruth awaits news at home, we are whisked off on a whirlwind trip through the chapters of George’s life that led him on this fateful journey.”

This is a professional production by Imaginality Productions, the team behind The Tree Of War, and has been generously funded by Arts Council England – the work is still in development and is presented here as a concert version.

Tickets £4 in advance or on the door. Click <here> to book tickets now