At a Christening, a child is baptized. It’s the first step on an amazing journey with God, parents, friends, family, godparents and the church. 

If you’re a parent considering a Christening, you don’t have to have been christened yourself, and you don’t have to have been a regular churchgoer. 

There is a brilliant Christenings website run by the Church of England which tells you everything you might want to know, answering questions from ‘how do we choose godparents?’ and ‘what is the service like?’ to ‘what presents do we buy?’.

One of the first things you will need to do is be in touch with Rachel our Rector, they will be glad to hear from you, and will be happy to discuss anything with you.

It’s not only children who are baptized. Many people come to faith as adults and are baptized. If you are an adult considering baptism please contact us..