Welcome to the newsletter for Remembrance Sunday 12th November 2023.

Remembrance Day is a solemn, important, and special day, and even though the world is precarious and challenging  none the less we meet it with love. We will be singing hymns and saying prayers to remember all those who have died so that we may live in freedom.

The hymn ‘Jerusalem’ is one of the hymns chosen for our service, it could be described as patriotic and is loved and loathed by people in equal numbers.The hymn has been sung on so many important occasions during periods of trauma and loss, or indeed during the difficult times we have faced over the past few years as well as occasions for celebration. ‘Jerusalem’ is based on the words of a poem called ‘And did those feet in ancient time’ written by William Blake in 1808. The tune to ‘Jerusalem’ , was written much later in 1917, and composed by Parry.

According to its most common interpretation Blake’s poem suggest that a visit from Jesus will create heaven in England , in contrast to the ‘dark Satanic Mills’ of the Industrial Revolution.The words suggest  that we should continue to struggle until the Jerusalem of promise and hope is built in this land, our great United Kingdom. It is about a better way for the world and a desire for one where hope is found, and although  Remembrance Sunday is about reflection it is a day to look forward with promise and hope for the future. 

God of life, from generation to generation

Prayer asking God’s healing for the suffering caused by war and violence.

God of life, from generation to generation
you have held all creation in the palm of your hand;
friend and foe alike, all held within your mercy.
It is with uncertainty we look to you this day –
a day so deeply stained with the memory of death, loss
and the repetitive story of human violence and folly.

Hold close to your heart this day all those for whom
it brings the reopening of past wounds,
and the tasting again of the bitterness of loss.
May the persistence of your healing love
continue its work in the lives of individuals
and communities damaged, devastated and destroyed by war.

Grant to us the ingenuity and strength
for a true leap of faith,
that we may leave behind forever
the folly of thinking that in the last resort
violence will solve our problems.


With love and prayers,

Our service on Sunday 12th November begins at 10.30 am. We look forward to welcoming back Rev. Mark Hewerdine to preside and preach at this Remembrance Day Eucharist service.  Our organist and MD, Ollie Mills will accompany the hymns and lead the singing. Here are details of the readings and hymns for the service: