Welcome to St. Nicholas Sunday 6th August. (Trinity 9)

The Gospel reading for this Sunday is Matthew 14: 13-21

In the scriptures food has rich associations from the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, where food symbolised wisom and temptation,to manna in the desert, where it symbolised God’s provision for his people. In this week’s Gospel we are made aware of a dramatically political atmosphere, Jesus organises a meal for a multitude in the wilderness as a sign of compassion, and a lesson to the disciples that they need to look around them, see the need and meet it. There was no absolute need to feed the people gathered by the shore of the lake. Even though they were in a lonely place the disciples suggested dispersing the crowd to the villages to buy their own food. 

We explore the power of freely sharing bread as a symbol of food to sustain the body and soul. Everyone is invited as honoured guests to God’s abundant feast here and now. As we give thanks, and receive, it becomes a moment when God teaches us how to share ourselves openheartedly.

Our service on Sunday morning begins at 10.30 am. We look forward to welcoming Rev Mark Hewerdine  to preside. Our organist and MD, Ollie Mills will accompany the hymns and lead the singing. Here are details of the readings and hymns for the service: