Sunday 14th May 2023

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our newsletter for Sunday 14th May. 
Christian Aid week starts on Sunday 14th May, please donate to this worthy cause, Envelopes will be available in Church. 

A word about this week’s gospel message: Mother Julian of Norwich was a 14th century hermit who was struck down with a disabling illness and nearly died. During this time, she was given several visions, or showings, which she pondered and set down in a book called Revelations of Divine Love. She affirmed: He (God) said: thou shall not be tempested, (storm tossed), thou shall not be travailed (suffer anguish), thou shall not be dis-eased. But he said thou shalt not be overcome.’ False comfort is not a mark of the spirit of truth. God is with us even in our suffering. Learning to listen to God in prayer and drawing on the wise experience of other Christians is how we grow in faith. (copyright @Roots)

Our service on Sunday morning begins at 10.30 am look forward to welcoming Rev Mark Hewerdine to preside, our organist and MD, Ollie Mills, will accompany the hymns and lead the music. 

ReadingsPage NoReadersHymn No.Hymn
33Angel Voices ever singing
Acts 17:22-31
236Molly Popplewell
1 Peter 3: 13-22
238Philip Popplewell
 Faithful One
(Doerksen sep sheet)
John 14: 15-21
239Alison Mills
514Thou whose almighty word
53Be still for the presence of the Lord
500There is a Redeemer
235I, The lord of Sea and Sky